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Nutritional Counseling

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Medical Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional counseling….personalized. I offer medical nutritional therapy in the following areas:

One-on-one nutritional counseling sessions are the perfect opportunity to take charge of your goals in an individualized and tailored manner.

Initial Session

The initial session will devote a considerable amount of time to the assessment of your underlying medical condition, weight history, current medication and supplementation regimen, dietary and lifestyle habits, and any other available information such as current bloodwork. It is also an opportunity to discuss your specific concerns and any challenges that you have encountered along the way. From here you will receive any necessary education as well as an action plan which may include meal ideas, supplement recommendations, physical activity tips, stress management strategies, and/or referrals to other specialists.

Follow-up Sessions

Follow-up sessions allow for the achievement of long-term success. They are intended to help with accountability, assessment of progress, and continuation of goal setting to keep you advancing forward. The number of follow-up sessions necessary will vary from person to person.

Corporate Nutrition

Corporate Nutrition Specialties include:

All pricing for corporate programs is based on the number of employees involved and the services requested.

I was so overwhelmed when diagnosed with SIBO that I had no idea which information to trust and I just wanted to feel normal again. After my first meeting with Anna, she made me feel more in control and that we had a plan to move forward with. There was hope. Since then, I no longer have SIBO and am continuing to improve and find out what foods work best with my body through the elimination diet. This is life-changing.


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