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Download MNT Referral Form – Fax: (855) 952-5808

A Registered Dietitian is an important member of a patient’s circle of care. By referring a patient to AK Nutrition and Wellness LLC for Medical Nutrition Therapy the end result is often improved patient outcomes and reduced patient healthcare costs. We take upwards of 90min during the initial session and 30-60min at follow-ups to offer education and strategies to help your patient feel empowered and supported on their quest for health and wellness.

Here are some clues that your patient may benefit from nutritional counseling sessions with a nutrition expert:

Due to HIPAA compliance, send us a patient referral by completing the linked referral form and faxing it to (855) 952-5808. If your patient approves, we will fax over our assessment notes following the initial visit.

AK Nutrition and Wellness LLC is in-network with most major insurances. This often means that there is no out-of-pocket cost to your patient. What an amazing benefit to take advantage of!

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