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Anna Khesin, Registered Dietitian

Seeing patients experience their personalized plan of action, transform their health, help their clothing sit more comfortably, all while developing a healthy relationship with food is priceless for me to witness as their dietitian and coach! It truly is the driving force behind why I LOVE what I do.

After receiving my bachelor’s degree from the Didactic Program in Dietetics from Queens College, I went on to complete a rigorous dietetic internship through Long Island University (LIU) Post with a concentration in clinical nutrition, as well as receive training on the use of a low FODMAP diet for IBS by Monash University. Since becoming a Registered Dietitian, my experience has spanned the clinical, corporate, private, and community settings, allowing me to educate and counsel a diverse group of individuals.

Anna Khesin, Registered Dietitian
Anna Khesin, Registered Dietitian
Living Well with Hemochromoatosis book by Anna Khesin, Registered Dietitian
Living Well with Hemochromatosis
by Anna Khesin

My most recent accomplishment is the publication of my book: Living Well with Hemochromatosis. This book is the first to be written by a dietitian on this topic and offers an easy-to-understand overview of the condition, nutrition and lifestyle tips, along with a collection of simple and delicious recipes.

AK Nutrition and Wellness, LLC was founded to offer evidence-based nutrition therapy in a personalized and approachable way. Every patient has different goals, varying lifestyles, and unique nutritional needs, which is why every appointment is tailored to YOU.

I loved how much Anna listened. For the first time I felt heard. Anna approached my whole life as part of my healing, not just a "diet". She never pushed me to try anything I wasn't comfortable with, but also questioned and pushed me just enough. I also LOVED the recap of our conversations and goals. I was able to be present during our appointments instead of trying to copy down all of the information.


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